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Located inside the Meijer Store
611 U.S. Route 30 , 46410

Located inside the Meijer Store
10138 Indianapolis Blvd. , 46322



Specializing in:




Razor work


Faux Hawks


All Hawks

Classic Hair Cuts

Crew Cuts

Flat Tops


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 Open 7 Days a Week

J’s Barber shop started as a laughable dare among a couple of friends. WE were pointing out the obvious uneven hair cut of a buddy when he said “if any of  YOU can fix this and consistently do a better job I will pay for all the beers for a year!”

Well that little promise has turned into a business loaded with fun, laughter and more education about hair than “Carter has liver pills.”-(my "x" used to say that all the time) 

Each member of the Barber team has put in over 1500 hours cutting, perming, curling, straighten-ing, high-lighting, coloring, shampooing, waxing and shaving hair. Honestly we really didn’t know you could do so much with hair. Each barber is well practiced on women, men and children of all ages.

While at Success Schools Barber College L.L.C.   (Merriville, IN) 219-736-9999 We had the opportunity to serve a wide range of clients. We cut, shaved and trimmed hair on every nationality every ethnic group and probably every religion too. Our love of everything hair has allowed us to grow to love others better. We listen, we converse, you allow us to take care of you we appreciate you. Things prior to our friends bad hair cut we all took for granted.

So all that said to say, THANK YOU for visiting to our website! If you think of a funny story stop by and share it! If you need someone to act like they are listening to you stop by. If you need a hug they are by appointment only.